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Midwest Industrial Tanks has developed a line of Fresh and Used Oil tanks. This line of products was developed primarily for the purpose of Engine Repair Shops, Auto Repair and Farmers.  These tanks are made of the highest quality materials, customers have grown to expect from Midwest Industrial Tanks. Please contact our sales department for additional information.

We have standard sizes and configurations.  Our engineers will work closely with you to ensure every detail is covered.  







All of our Oil Tanks are: • Heavy Duty • Clamshell Design

• Standard Flange Configurations • Drain Hole

• Premium Powder Coating • UL Approved 

• Forklift Channels

Sizes Available: • 125 Gallon • 250 Gallon • 500 Gallon • 1,000 Gallon • 2,000 Gallon

• Customized Sizes


For more information and pricing, please visit our store or contact our sales department.

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