Our Customers

Midwest Industrial Tanks customers include; but are not limited to:

  • Facilities and Farms that are required to, comply with SPCC regulations. Spill Containment Regulations have been revised to include facilities with above ground oil storage capacity greater than 1,320 gallons. Midwest Industrial Tanks manufactures containment and double walled tanks that meet the SPCC regulations. Do you need containment? We have you covered….
  • Midwest Industrial Tanks can put you in touch with distributors that sell tanks to industry, petroleum companies and agri-business. Midwest Industrial Tanks sales division works closely with suppliers to meet the needs of their customers. Midwest Industrial Tanks has the facility, equipment and resources that allow us to work on projects under time constraints and produce quality products that are cost competitive within the industry. Are you interested in becoming a Midwest Industrial Tanks Dealer? Please contact our company sales department for details.
  • Our manufacturing capabilities include: engineering services, plasma cutting, powder coating and much more. We have two overhead cranes with the capacity to lift up to 10 tons and spans 300 ft., positioning the cargo for loading.

Midwest Industrial Tanks

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Phone: 402-942-1122  Email: info@mitanks.com

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