The 2 piece “Clamshell Design”

Midwest Industrial Tanks found innovative solutions to common concerns.  The traditional method of using 4 (or 6) pieces to create the "box" of a tank, requires welded seams on the corners that often are not aesthetically pleasing and could leak.

After many hours spent at the drawing board, our design and drafting department at Midwest Industrial Tanks found a solution to the traditional method.  Midwest Industrial Tanks strives to be on the cutting edge of new technology implementing the unique “Clamshell” design.

The “Clamshell” design consists of the following:

  • Reduces raw materials and minimizes waste.
  • 1" folded edge with the welded seam on the flat surface, rather than a corner seam weld.
  • Strong and longer lasting welds.
  • Minimizes potential for leaks.

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